Art For Charity

Appaloosa horse art


Three D mixed media animal art created with recycled materials to create this Appaloosa horse. Proceeds to horse rescue
Resin base, covered with vintage fabric Acrylic painted eyes, faux eyelashes

H 17″
L 25″
D 16″


The Appaloosa horse art (foal) is part of a collection of 3D mixed media animals for sale on my website.    I create one of a kind art pieces that convey your unique personality!

How I Made It
I use recycled animal forms, fabric, and found treasures in all of my art.   Specifically, this Appaloosa horse art contains:

  1. Resin base form and recycled vintage fabric.
  2. Acrylic painted eyes and faux eyelashes.

The Appaloosa Breed
The American Appaloosa is best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. In North America, the Nez Perce people of what today is the United States Pacific Northwest developed this original American breed.  The Appaloosa is one of the most popular breeds in the United States and was named the official state horse of Idaho in 1975.

Appaloosa Horse Black White Spots

About This Piece
This piece is perfect for that special indoor display.  I suggest tabletop, a fireplace hearth or mantle.  Let your style and creativity find that perfect spot!  The Appaloosa foal complements any equestrian space.

  1.  17″ height
  2. 16″ wide
  3. 25″ length
  4. approximately 5 lb.

My donations support rescued sanctuary horses.  The income from these sales supports  Heart Space Horse Sanctuary in Redmond, Oregon and Zeb’s Wish in Sandy, Oregon.