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Commission Pieces

This page shows an example of how I work with a client with an individual commission.  If you have any questions or are interested in commissioned art please contact me via the form at the bottom of the page.  

Assemblage Commission #1

As part of my assemblage art, I offer personalized design/art commissions. I have a client who has requested an assemblage gift for her son who is graduation from college. He is also an artist (no pressure there) and she has given me these specific parameters. #1 wants me to use a box that can be easily moved with him. #2 she will give me a small 4x4inch watercolor painting that he did as a child. #3 she wants it to invoke her family love and hope for his bright future. In my next posts I will be share how I work and my methods and reasoning for the finished piece. Hope you enjoy.


Assemblage Commission #2

To start this assemblage I begin by selecting what the client specified. She wants this to be an assemblage using a box. She wants it to be small enough to be easily transported and it has to contain the 4×4 inch watercolor painting that her son did that she will give to me at our next meeting. These are the boxes that I have that I will select from. I can alter these, maybe cut one down, add a back, or change the finish. I will show you what I selected in the next post and tell you why.





Assemblage Commission #3

Kena and Nubby you read my mind. I chose the little red cabinet for a number of reasons. First of all it is small 15″ tall 9″ wide so it is easily moved. It will also work well with the 4X4″ watercolor painting that my client will give me. I have a piece of paper taped to where I will put it. The box is divided into 3 compartments which will work with my design concept. My client wants me to convey a childhood with a solid foundation yet fostering a free spirit and wishing hm a wonderful future. I will interpret her wishes in my design concept by working with the lower space as a loving childhood. The middle space will represent his art, education and growing into the man he is. The top space will share the parents wish for his future. I also chose the cupboard because it has a small door to protect the contents. I have some work to do but will be back soon with some progress


Assemblage Commission #4

I am now starting to develop the three spaces. When my client was in the studio she was very interested in a box of dominos that I had and wanted to use some in the piece. Dominos have the same basic structure as bricks. Bricks are used frequently in buildings to show strength and permanence banks, government buildings, hospitals often use them for this reason I am using them in this assemblage to show a strong solid foundation for his childhood. I placed them on the “floor” of each space. The bottom space has a nest and a glass heart for early childhood. The second space will have his artwork and the top space will be his parents wish for the future. I found a wooden cutout that spell. “Be awesome” as a suggestion. This project is ready for my clients feedback before I continue to have her approval. Next post will be her feedback and final instructions.






Assemblage Commission #5

Client meeting went well. She gave me the watercolor that her son did. It is a tree and is 3×3 inches. She has liked the progress I’ve made and had a few changes. First she wants to change the red color of the box and liked the rust finish that I do. She also wanted to change the future wish from “Be Awesome”. to. “Be True To Yourself”. I will have to think about what I am going to use to accomplish that. I also suggested a small handle at the top and she agreed. I have work to do but this project is progressing well and my client is happy 😄


Assemblage Commission #6

To protect the watercolor for my client I sandwiched it between glass and glued the sides. This way it could be removed if they want. I also wanted the simplicity of no frame. It is backed by a dark brown mat and burlap. The lower shelf has the nest and glass heart. I elevated the heart to symbolize the son leaving the nest. Just have the message in the top shelf and rust the outer finish. Almost there.








Assemblage Commission #7

The little red cabinet is now a rust finish cabinet. Why change the color? Because my client liked the finish she saw in my studio of the Appaloosa horse. Please check out my website to check out the horse. This is one of my reasons why I ask clients to come to the studio – so they can see possibilities


Assemblage Commission 8

The final piece of the puzzle was my clients wish for her son. She specifically wanted to say “Stay true to yourself” and it had to fit into that small space, needed to be large enough font to read, and have that natural waning Sabi feel. Now I just need to glue it all together and hope she likes my interpretation. Final picture soon.





Assemblage Commission Final

The commission is done and I am pleased with it. I’ve tried to stay true to my esthetic keeping in mind the wishes and intent of my client. I added the small lock and key to the door pull to signify the keys to his life which are represented in the box. The nest with love and some feathers from a mother/son hike in the woods. The special child watercolor and the dominos representing his art and childhood on firm foundations. Lastly, and I did this on purpose, is his mothers special personal and hidden wish, “Stay true to yourself” only to be seen if you open the box. I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me and that you gain more understanding into the artistic process. In keeping with my mission to help charities, proceeds from this sale will go to Fences for Fido a non-profit organization that builds fences free of charge for families who keep their dogs on chains, tethered or in small enclosures.


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