Art For Charity

Artist’s Statement

“Pick me”, “use me”, “I can be beautiful”. If inanimate objects could speak, this is what they would say to me. I am a hybrid artist, working in both Mixed Media and Assemblage art.

My mixed media art is transformative. I take overlooked animal forms and epicycle them to create new and unique pieces using vintage fabrics and found objects. I give them a personality. They are fun, whimsical and unique.

I also work in assemblage with interesting items. These pieces are transformed from their original function to interesting one of a kind art, unique and magical. Finding generally cast off items, I challenge myself to create these new art forms.

My art is generally 3D table top size. The items I choose are different and unique so my materials are also varied. I use vintage fabrics, metals, glass, plastic, resins, leather and various found objects.

My interior design education and life experiences enable me to create unique one of a kind whimsical pieces that spark a special interest and connection with my clients.

Please check out my various art pieces in the “SHOP” If you are interested in a special individual idea please contact me and visit my studio, I also work on commission.

Working on a project

My studio is located along the side of the barn. The perfect place!!! It is an enchanting space that feed my creativity. My studio dog Timber adds great energy to my work and keeps me company and the horses are close by and are always reminding me of the time that has passed by pawing at the gate if it is near dinner time.