One of a Kind 3D Assemblage Tabletop Art

About the Artist

The natural beauty of Montana and Oregon, the challenge of an interior design degree, commitment to family and friends, horses, and gardening – these are the pieces to the puzzle of life that have shaped me into the artist I am today.

Working on a project

Raised by a father whose motto was “don’t buy anything that you could make yourself.” I learned at an early age to make do, keep what could be useful, and think of possibilities. Assemblage is the art of collecting found objects and creating something beautiful and relevant from them. It is the art of discovery, salvage and recycling.

My process starts with the question of “What came first? The chicken or the egg?” Sometimes the idea comes and I look for treasures to complete the idea. Sometimes I will see a vintage item and will be inspired by it to create a unique piece.


My studio is located along the side of my barn. The perfect place! My dog is very helpful in keeping me grounded.

Milo the shop dog

And my horses are always reminding me of the time that has passed by pawing at the gate if it is past or near dinner time. They also donate regularly to my art with their manes and tails.


Diva and Sugar


Art is a journey. It feeds my soul and restores the child in my heart. It’s a blessing. It’s fun. It’s me.