One of a Kind 3D Assemblage Tabletop Art


Assemblage as defined by Webster is “the form of art involving the assembly and arrangement of unrelated objects, parts and materials in a kind of sculptural collage.”

Artist’s Statement

“Pick me”, “use me”, “I can be beautiful”. If inanimate objects could speak this is what they would say to me. My art is transformative. I take special objects and am inspired to create new and unique compositions.

My art is generally 3D table top size pieces. I challenge myself by finding interesting items, generally overlooked and underappreciated, and letting them be the inspiration rather than working in specific themes or mediums. Because the items I choose are so different my materials are also varied. use wood, metals, glass, plastic, resins, feathers, leather, tile and fabrics. My finishes are also unique including acrylics, glass beads, glitters, glazes, and oils. I choose to create different pieces which sets my work apart and is why I am an assemblage artist.

My design education and life experience enable me to create unique one of a kind whimsical pieces that spark a special interest and connection with my clients. As a thanks for so many blessings in my life I donate all proceeds from my art to local charities. Because of this reason I have named my venture , “Grateful Creations.”.

​-Debby R.