Art For Charity

"The greatness of a nation can be measured by the way it treats its animals." ~ Gandhi

Mission Statement

To raise funds for Zebs Wish Equine Rescue and Heart Space Horse Sanctuary through the sale of my art. All proceeds will be donated directly to these programs.



Their are so many programs and organizations to support with a variety of needs.  People, environment, housing, recycling – the list goes on.   I challenge everyone to join me in giving back and making a difference in whatever area you feel is important and can use your gifts.  

This is my way to create some positive and real support in something that is personally important to me.   Horse rescue is a challenging pursuit. Having worked with many rescues and sanctuaries myself I have seen these equines in their greatest time of need.  It takes people with strong commitment and caring souls along with property, volunteers, equipment, and financial support. Please join me in helping the efforts of these organizations. I know the people involved and can verify their commitment to the cause and financial transparency so you know your funds are used directly for the horses.
Please check out the “charities” drop down menu to learn more about Heart Space and Zebs Horse Sanctuaries.

‚Äč-Debby R.